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Metal cleaning, priming and surface treatment in one tank

Dri (Thin Layer Technology) is a proprietary metal treatment process using unique thin layer technology from EnviroTech Surface Technologies to produce a simple to use solvent based process for metal priming and surface treatment.
It is a development and improvement of the vapour degreasing process but a uses two extra operations within the tank to produce precision cleaning with a nano thickness crystalline surface layer, intrinsic with the metal substrate, to prime the surface and improve corrosion protection and adhesion of subsequent paint, powder, adhesives or other coatings and finishes.

Driuses stable solvents to dissolve and carry the active chemicals producing the precursors to produce the crystalline protective layer. Because this is a nano thickness coating of a crystalline complex integral with the metal surface it is extremely flexible with a very large surface area to improve the adhesion of subsequent coatings these are then more resistant to impact damage or scratches.

Driliquids are non flammable, biodegradable, so are not retained in soil, water or the atmosphere, have no effect on the ozone layer, no global warming potential and use little energy for processing. Operators use the process in safety with equipment designed to ensure minimal use of solvent.

Dri is simple to maintain with ongoing technical support from EnviroTech product specialists. Regular testing of the liquids ensures trouble free operations. Operators are trained on site to maintain the Dri bath using the test kits supplied and most importantly the quality control can be visually monitored instantly by the colour change on the metal surface. Iridescent blue through, gold to red instantly shows the level of crystalline coating which ensures management have complete assurance of process operation. Price includes sample reports with regular visits by product specialists  to guarantee the very highest quality of pre-treatment and final finish on your products with safety for your people and the environment.

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Metal Cleaning And Surface Treatment In One Tank

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